Wide Angle India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest Indian GEC content companies with a portfolio that covers production, distribution & syndication of over 3000 hours of film & TV content. After producing and distributing hundreds of movies & TV shows over 2 decades and running a YouTube channel with over a billion views, Wide Angle wanted to go digital with their own OTT platform.

Website of Dollywood Play


Create a cost-effective and stable platform that would make content discovery easier with curated content and give end-users a flawless experience.

Dollywood Play also required flexible usage and features like offline download and a multilingual UI.

Integrate subscription for seamless monetization.


Wide Angle Media migrated over two vendors in two years before settling down with our CDN partners and dcafé who helped Dollywood Play go live in 4 – 6 weeks. dcafé enabled Dollywood Play to launch its own online video streaming service and delivered multi-platform support on various platforms like web, iOS, Android, Smart TV and more. In addition, we also designed a user-friendly interface matching the overall brand aesthetics. To sustain performance, dcafé has been providing complete post live OTT management including digital marketing and live ops support.


From sign-ins and subscription flows to video compression, offline downloads and customer support, the tech behind Dollywood Play guarantees a flawless customer experience.