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Take a look at how we created a multi-lingual OTT platform for one of India’s biggest content hubs.Dollywood Play offers a world Hindi dubbed cinema to it audience. With a single click, users can watch their favourite long and short form content irrespective of device.


Wide Angle Media had to create a cost-effective and stable platform for Dollywood Play that would make content discovery easier with curated content and give end-users flexible usage and features like offline download and a multilingual UI.


To showcase its content to an even wider audience, Dollywood Play decided to take the OTT plunge. They wanted to create a content streaming platform with an SVOD monetisation model, which could seamlessly support third party integrations like Jio TV.


In association with AWS, dcafé built a custom OTT platform with the following key implementations.

1. SVOD offering
dcafé introduced a paid model to allow Dollywood Play to monetise its content and create a base of dedicated, engaged users. With our SVOD offering, we created multiple subscription plans based on geography, validity, content and device. Free content was made available to users only for a trial period of the first seven days, post which they had to pick their preferred plan. For mobile and web subscribers, offline download was available for specific time periods with multiple resolution options.

2. Multilingual platform
dcafé built a multilingual platform that supported multiple languages. The user could switch to their preferred language and all the content on the front-end would change.

3. MoEngage implementation
To improve audience engagement, we implemented MoEngage integrations for platform notifications which enabled Dollywood Play to capture accurate user information, leading to an intelligent front-end that curates content based on the users’ specific tastes.