This is how we took India’s superlative platform for independent artists to the OTT universe.


Artist Aloud, is an audio and video content platform. It offers digital, social & influencer marketing, content distribution, streaming services, talent management, content and event IP concepts for talent, independent content and brands.


Artist Aloud wanted to push the boundaries of user engagement by going beyond a simple content upload and playback model. They wanted a platform which would offer multiple customizations to the artist and their fans, leading to an engaged user base, a necessity for every artist.


In association with Edgio, dcafé built a custom OTT platform for Artist Aloud with the following key implementations.

1. Live events
dcafé incorporated a live feature, with which any artist can go live at the click of a button. Each time the artist uses this feature, a custom notification is sent out to their fans, via which they can access the paid live event and watch it in real time.

2. Meta sea integration
Meta sea is a third-party tool which allows auto-reconciliation of data. dcafé incorporated this to allow all meta data of content to be pulled directly into the system which replaced tedious manual processes and simplified content updating.

3. MoEngage integration
dcafé integrated MoEngage into the CMS to improve user engagement by serving custom content based on the users preferences and to elevate overall analytics of the platform.