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This is how we created a monetized OTT platform which serves content to both kids and parents across India.

The Customer

Hungama Kids is an Indian paid infotaining channel that provides a comprehensive informative and entertaining experience to children across age groups (0 to 18) by offering relevant and targeted content.

The Ask

Hungama Kids wanted to create an OTT platform with categorised content for both parents and kids, which would deliver both entertainment and educational content. The first OTT platform dcafé built for Hungama Kids offered only categorization and playback. The customer wanted an even more robust version which had a hybrid monetization model and supported a larger number of screens.

The Outcome

In association with Edgio, dcafé built a custom OTT platform from scratch for Hungama with the following key implementations.

1. Hybrid monetisation
dcafé added SVOD and TVOD to Hungama Kids’ previous AVOD monetization model. This hybrid monetization model helped the platform differentiate its content offerings to the audience. The SVOD feature allows users to create a subscription plan based on geography, validity period, device and content. The TVOD model is specifically for exclusive series that the user can view via a pay per view model for a limited period.

2. MoEngage implementation
MoEngage is a third-party tool that measures analytics to improve performance. dcafé integrated this tool to serve customised content to the user, based on their viewing history. This tool also allows Hungama Kids to ramp up user engagement by allowing the platform to send customized notifications to any user group, which can be further monitored and managed.