Video monetization dashboard

We focus on the tech, so you can focus on the earnings.

By structuring your processes, we help you to streamline your input and output while empowering you to monetize content effectively.

Monetization models

Apart from industry standard models like SVOD, TVOD and AVOD, dcafé deals with the integration of hybrid models, where all the above are combined to create a perfect system for a multi-screen experiences. We provide flexible options to the end user while giving content providers truly customizable models.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

We give you the option to insert ads of your choice within your content with SSAI. Our technology offers buffer-less transitions between the content and ad formats, giving users the same experience as a broadcast TV.

Client-Side Ad Insertion

Our CSAI allows you to seamlessly insert ads obtained from third-party servers while also giving you greater flexibility in terms of choosing of ad formats.

Subscription rules based on streams, certifications, concurrency & geo zones

We provide content providers with an array of subscription options that they can give their end consumers, thus helping providers reach a wider set of audience
Income from worldwide
Videos on multiple screens

Content Syndication

By syndicating your content, we put your brand in front of people from your target audience who were otherwise unaware, thus helping with greater lead generation and improved brand reputation.

Metered Usage

Our requirement-based monetisation model gives you maximum flexibility with the way you want your audience to consume the content, thus giving you total control over your revenue.
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